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How It Works The Best Creative Play With Your Child

Turn Them Into A Cartoon

This isn't a "paste a photo into a book" site.  Our amazing "Charlottizer" actually transforms your child's photo into a cartoon (just like our heroine Charlotte) so they can join her on their very own adventure.  

Start by uploading any photo - it can even have multiple people in it! Don't worry, we'll find the right face!

Create Their Adventure

Your child chooses where THEY want to go and what THEY want to do.  Their adventure unfolds right before their eyes! 

Read along and join the fun as they become heroes with the Greatest Dog in the World.  With Charlotte, you never know when what you do is gonna save the day!

They Become The Star In Their Own Book Pick From These Stories!

The Thief Of Paris

Charlotte’s never been to Paris, but she can’t wait to go there with you! Create your adventure and read along but be on the look out - someone’s trying to steal the most famous painting in the world! Is there anyone who can stop them?

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The Mystery Of The Nosey Knights

Charlotte’s always wanted to go to a castle to visit the King and Queen. You’ll even get to meet the Nosey Knights who guard the crown jewels. They can smell a thief a mile away but on this adventure something’s wrong and they just might need YOUR help!

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What They Get! It's More Than A Book...It's An Adventure!

Take Your Adventure With You Wherever You Go!

Order your child their very own adventure pack!  Their suitcase comes filled with fun memories from their personalized adventure with Charlotte. Their eyes will light up when they see what's inside. YOURS will light up when you see them smile. 

It's Your Child's Story, Not Ours!

Everyone can create their own digital copy for free! You can even share it with your friends and family!